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International Automobile Exibition, Turin, 1957:
Fiat Nuova 500 is shown to the public.

FOTO 500 Engineer Dante Giacosa's design genius gives birth to the most classic and handy Italian economy car, and a love immediately grows between the small car and the drivers, which reward Fiat 500 with huge commercial success.
Since first 1957 model down to the conclusion of the production, in 1975, Fiat 500 is changed in many details, but keeps unchanged carachteristics of practicalness, fancy and versatility.
1957 Fiat Nuova 500 shows herself equipped with full-lenght sunroof ( à la 2CV ), fixed windows, suicide doors and a 479 cm3, 13 bhp air-cooled twin engine.
Passing through important improvements and modification of little, basic details, the small car assumes the names of 500 Super, 500 D, 500 F, 500 L and the last 500 R.
The string of names goes along with an increase in horse-power, improvement of performances, enrichment and completion of bodywork, style and interior.
FOTO 500
FOTO 500 Produced throughout the years from 1960 to 1975, Fiat 500 Giardinetta signalize herself as a tiny charming station wagon.

At last, from 1958 to 1971, the small machine, so urban and urbane, a symbol of Italian economic and social boom, meets the racing honor of Abarth tuning.

Downtown shopping, Sixties families short or long holiday travels, racing tracks from trophies and rallies.
The most different sets, with a common denominator made of efficacy and Italian style: Fiat 500.
Ignoring the years - and indeed aware of her history and relaing on her sun-fancy charge - Fiat 500 resumes from Turin, her technological cradle, a funny and charming journey.

500 ITS 2 FUN