What is it?
Well, as you might have guessed, Timer is just that: a countdown timer.
It is compiled for OS 2.1 and has been tested on a MP2100.


  Mac Win
Archive containing .pkg and docs: timer.sit.hqx timer.zip
NTK project source: timersource.sit.hqx -

Installation is very simple, just download the package with NCU or Package Installer.
It can reside on any store, either internal or card. To remove, simply delete the package.


You set the minutes and seconds to count and tap the START button. Timer chimes every 30 seconds, and then beeps loudly when the count is over.
The PAUSE button obvoiusly pauses the count (tap START to resume), while CLEAR stops the timer and resets the count to zero.
The RESET button stops the timer and restore the last count.

Notice that during the countdown Timer will prevent your Newton from sleeping.