What is it?
T-Max Helper is a programmable timer, a darkroom assistant for the development of Kodak TMax™ B/W films.
It is compiled for OS 2.1 and has been tested on a MP2100.


Mac Win
Archive containing .pkg and docs: tmax.sit.hqx tmax.zip
NTK project source: tmaxsource.sit.hqx -

Installation is very simple, just download the package with NCU or Package Installer.
It can reside on any store, either internal or card. To remove, simply delete the package.


There is only one main window for the application. Besides the four popup menus for parameter setting, you have a RESET and a START button, a progress bar, a time-to-go and a status display.
By choosing the film speed, actual exposure speed, desired contrast and bath temperature, the correct development time is automatically selected.

Only the development time can be modified, while all other times are hard-coded:

STOP bath 60 seconds
FIX bath 5 minutes
WASH 30 minutes
WETTING bath 60 seconds
By tapping the START button the timer initiates its count, and DEVELOP appears in the lower right area of the slip. As a visual feedback, the progress bar and the time-to-go display are updated about every 2 seconds.

The timer beeps every 30 seconds to remind you to stir the bath (by inversion or whatever). During the last 20 seconds of each bath, the timer beeps continuously, to leave you enough time to empty the tank.

During the WASH, the timer only beeps every 5 minutes.

As you might have guessed, tapping the RESET button resets the timer to its initial idle condition.