Newt logo Newton Software

by A. Sandrucci

Time has passed since Apple much objectionable decision to discontinue the Newton line of products...

And since I know there still is a large number of MPs out there, pretty much alive and providing amusement and productivity to us Newton lovers, I finally decided to release as freeware (actually e-mail-ware) a few applications I wrote.

These are utilities I put together for my personal use, and I actually never thought of releasing them as products until now. They most probably still contain bugs and/or design and interface flaws, but I really don't have any more time for Newton software development.
So I'm giving away the source code too, in case you might want to continue from where I left.

All I ask in return is an e-mail from you and, should you decide to modify the code, a copy of your application.

So here they are:

a dive simulation computer (metric), complete with most features you would expect from a real thing, and notes on the decompression model used
a battery monitor, keeps track of power on hours
a simple countdown timer
T-Max Helper
a darkroom timer, for assisting in the development of Kodak TMax™ B/W films
an homebrewing aid, for calculating wort dilutions