What is it?
As a homebrewer, sometimes at the end of boil I end up with a gravity higher than required by the recipe.
The obvious solution is to dilute the wort with water.

Gravity is a very simple application that calculates the amount of water needed to reach the desired OG.
It is compiled for OS 2.1 and has been tested on a MP2100.


  Mac Win
Archive containing .pkg and docs: gravity.sit.hqx gravity.zip
NTK project source: gravitysource.sit.hqx -

Installation is very simple, just download the package with NCU or Package Installer.
It can reside on any store, either internal or card. To remove, simply delete the package.


You set the volume of wort at the end of boil, set the gravity as read from the hydrometer, and the desired gravity.

When you tap the Compute button, Gravity displays the amount of water to add and wort volume after dilution.